48 Hour Film Project

So I had the pleasure to be a part of the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project for the first time, And guess what? We fucking won the Audience Choice Award for our screening group. I honestly was not expecting anything. But let me tell you the shit we went through to get there, It consists of 44 hours of no sleep. Lots of coffee, Red Bull, and a whole lot of patience.

As part of the film challenge we had to include these requirements:
Genre: Road Story
Character: Fernando Huerto (Lifeguard)
Line of Dialog: "That's (that is) outside of my comfort zone."
Object: Cardboard Box

You are given these details at 7:30PM Friday and film needs to be turned in by Sunday at 7:30PM
NOT a second late!

We turned in our film at 7:29PM! We rendered the final export in downtown Gaslamp area at 7:08 and finished exporting at 7:13pm, transferred to a thumb drive and given to our runner to deliver to Mission Valley and turned in by 7:29. 

I swear we lived a moment as if we were in a movie. Literally the last minute possible. It was the most beautiful nightmare. 

The experience was crazy. Never thought I would stay up for 44 hours to work on a project nonstop, that was the moment I realized I really love doing what I do. Filming all day on a boat on Saturday, running on 2 hours of sleep from Friday night s staying up late with the writers writing the script. We continued shooting and editing Saturday night through Sunday morning. Continuing to film more scenes on Sunday and have the finished project turned in by 7:30

With that being said. I hope you enjoy the film we put together within 48 hours :)